Meet the wonderful Miss Maggie Mae!!! She is reverse brindle, light colored in some spots. Very beautiful markings. She loves to play outside, playing with kids and other dogs, loves her ball and squeaky toys!  

Her first best friend was a kitty Cat. Maggie is a very smart boxer, we have trained her to sit, shake, high five, roll over, play dead and she can howl. She does things on command and is a very calm dog but can also be spunky! 



Here she is Princess Miss Molly Mae!!! Birthday is February 13, 2018 and weights 52 lbs. She is a beautiful Fawn color with a white chest and white paws! 

Shes very playful and always happy wiggling that tail of hers. But what else is new with a boxer?!?

She should be coming into her first heat cycle sometime this fall or beginning of 2020.


Her mate will be Brindle. I'll post pictures soon.